Arterìa Safe Tech is the branch of Arterìa
dedicated to the design and production of:


Arterìa’s many years of experience in transporting and handling works of art and precious items has led to the emergence of a new company unit, Arterìa Safe Tech, offering a targeted service for the conservation and protection of art.

Arterìa Safe Tech can design and produce a range of conservation products for displaying works of art, with a special focus on microclimate and light intensity values, as well as install them in a way that ensures the complete security and enjoyability of the piece.

Arterìa Safe Tech shares its know-how and professionalism through a service dedicated to technical and scientific consultancy on how best to conserve and display your art treasures.

“Dead Christ”, Andrea Mantegna,
Pinacoteca di Brera art gallery, Milan

“Hora”, , Italy Pavilion,
Milan, Expo 2015

Safe Tech display cases, detail


“Giardini di legno” exhibition,
P.A. Garda Museum, Ivrea

“Come Quando Fuori Piove” exhibition, Mino Maccari, P.A. Garda Museum, Ivrea

During staging at the Pinacoteca Brera art gallery, Milan


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